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Supreme Court Affirms Woman’s Conviction in OSAEC Case
MANILA, PHILIPPINES – A woman who livestreamed the sexual abuse of her six-year-old niece will spend up to 40 years of her life in prison after the Supreme Court upheld the decision of a lower court that found her guilty.
Trafficker Gets Four Life Sentences in Davao City
DAVAO CITY, PHILIPPINES – Arrested after offering to sexually abuse her 6-year-old son and a one-year-old girl for profit, a 32-year-old trafficker in Davao City has been sentenced to four life terms, marking one of the strongest penalties ever imposed in a case of online child sexual exploitation.
Nearly half a million children sexually exploited in livestreams, new abuse images and videos in the Philippines last year
MANILA, PHILIPPINES – In 2022 alone, nearly half a million Filipino children, or roughly 1 in 100 children, were trafficked to produce child sexual exploitation material (CSEM) for profit, according to estimates from the pioneering Scale of Harm prevalence study.
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