Report Exploitation
For the first time ever, the Philippines has an estimate of how many children in the country are victims of trafficking to produce child sexual exploitation material.
The Problem

Right now, Filipino children are being exploited online.

Perpetrators in western countries lure Filipinos to sexually abuse children and to offer the images or videos of the exploitation online. Much of this abuse is livestreamed as the perpetrators—sex offenders—direct the crime remotely.

Online sexual exploitation of children is a fast-growing, borderless crime.

The first cases of online child sexual exploitation in the Philippines were reported in 2011. In 2019, a study led by IJM confirmed that the Philippines had become a hotspot of online sexual exploitation of children.

Our Response
IJM works with the Philippine government to protect children and hold perpetrators accountable
We provide support to the Philippine National Police and National Bureau of Investigation.
We support child-protective prosecution in casework, in collaboration with the Department of Justice.
We support the restoration of survivors, in partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and Development.
We focus on four areas of protection and sustainability
Working with the Philippine government, we have seen:
victims relieved / at-risk removed
suspects arrested
perpetrators convicted
survivors restored
Data from IJM-supported cases, updated as of Thu Sep 14 2023.
Get Involved
Let’s work together to protect children from ever having to face or fear online abuse.
Partner with IJM as we bring protection against online sexual exploitation of children to more areas in the Philippines and the world. With your help, we can accelerate change and transformation and pave the way for lasting change.
We partner with champions of child protection rising up from all areas of society. We also have the honor of working alongside survivors of online sexual exploitation as they advocate for transformation.
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